Perfect Day

The first day of the new decade has gotten off to a grand start-best laid plans have secured a commission, the new piece has already garnered interest from two potential buyers, and I have another featured exhibition confirmed for March-bringing the total to four big showings this year.

The first begins here in San Diego, from January 6th at Mosaic gallery/wine bar, with an opening reception on the 16th. So far, I shall be showing around ten pieces-perhaps more depending on if I can squeeze another piece in beforeWednesday.Mosaic Gallery at Mosaic Wine Bar
3422 30th North Park, San Diego, CA 92104
call: 619-906-4747

I am also showing at the Hive at the group show in LA again this month, opening on the 9th.The plan is to paint something this weekend, so I have my work cut out for me already. Details to follow.

Today we took the opportunity to enjoy the California winter sun, at beautiful La Jolla shores. In between reading chunks of the Gonzo biography my wife bought me, I sketched the collected throng of afternoon bathers, although the crisp breeze made it too cold for actual paddling.

From our house this evening, there was the most breathtaking blazing sunset and as Lani made hotdogs and chile fries we listened to 80’s tracks, and I felt blessed by the beautiful, awesome simplicity of it all-this first day of 2010.

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