I’m finding real gratification in my proliferation at the moment-I don’t see too much of compromise to quality either, if anything the reversion to acrylics just allows me the luxury of revision quicker, and of course the fluidity of painting faster gives the line a freshness that perhaps I’ve been missing with the meticulousness of oils.
The fervor I’m feeling with my work again, is as addictive as any drug, its euphoric and misleading because I know the downside to the natural chemical low after a period of creativity. I need to manage it better and work it to my advantage, because I can’t afford to be thrown to the mercy of a mood regression.
Still, I’ve not been this prolific in a long time-perhaps I am realising that with less time ahead than behind me, I can no longer afford to fuck about-time is simply running out, and I have wasted so much of it, lost to the contemplation of predicament, when I should just have worked through it.

Tomorrow, I am working on publicity for the show on the 16th, along with a commission and speculating a new piece-busy as a proverbial bee then.

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