Best Laid Plans

Following a few last minute touch ups, tweaks and a peddle to Aaron Bros for frame clips, the (partial) sum total of three years work, lines the wall of my hallway, awaiting transportation to Mosaic. It’s always oddly unnerving letting them out of the house, but of course ‘letting them out’ is entirely the point, and rather like dutiful little soldiers,one hopes that once on display, they will hold fort.
I’m hugely excited by this showing, I think the company is stellar, and I owe a huge tip of the hat to my bud and fellow artisan Mark (Jesinoski) for inviting me.

Tomorrow however, the business of business, shall be my return to normalcy with a withering plop.The immediacy of looking for some more regular and steady source of income, bares it’s sneering face again-at least whilst I’m touting around looking for illustration work. Let the fun times roll.

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