Mosaic Gallery Grand Opening

I’ve deliberately taken a few days to assemble my thoughts about Saturday’s show. Not only to soar above the inevitable comedown but to try and find some cohesion in the whirlwind that was the night.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAUnfortunately, my camera was not up to the challenge and as a result, more than half the photo’s look as if we were caught post nuclear flash. As hugely disappointed as I am that I shall not have a solid visual record of the night, I am happy to say that was the only shortfall.So many friends who had said that they would come-did, and I met so many people who were genuinely interested in my work.
It was a humbling, vindicating experience.
Add to which I sold art-which was wonderful.

I have several people to thank-firstly fellow wall sharers-Shay Davies, Mee Shim and Rich Walker and Mark Jesinoski for being hugely gifted and rising above ego to be a pleasure to exhibit alongside.

To owner Mos and all the lovely staff at Mosaic for being so accommodating and keeping me well watered throughout a very busy night.

To all the friends who came out especially in support to see me-too innumerable to mention, you are diamond. To my wife Lani for being beautiful and patient and my rock-I love you.

To those that bought art, you are the people that help me keep doing it.

And finally to my great friend, fellow journeyman and organizer Mark Jesinoski-thanks for having the vision and determination to put together a grand first show.Cheers.

Standing in front of “The Valley”

Lani looking beautiful in front of “Axiom” and “Transgression”

With friends

Full house

Lani and Lauren

Lani and Lauren


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