Pretty England

“And into the sea goes pretty England and me”
This is a Low-Blur

I’m growing weary of America daily-the political and cultural intransigence, the dumbing down and elevation of ordinariness, the raging passive aggression of everything-and its not that the US is unique in any of this, lord knows England is no sepia tinted Merchant Ivory ideal of afternoon tea and fancies either, it just feels at times like having your head encased in concrete.

I really had no concept of what it meant to be passive aggressive before I moved here, and I need to stop reading shit on the internet,blinkered vitriolic opinion-and I realize the irony of me stating as much, but its toxic, and does little for my misanthropy.

I hunger for our return to England shores again in April.

Photo circa 1993, Ulswater UK

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