Tonight’s exhibition made it into the pages of CityBeat, with a rather nice little piece to go alongside the Valley thumbnail. citybeatI’d like to think I’ll make it onto the cover someday, but I never really can tell the criteria for these things.
After some fiddling yesterday, I decided the last piece shall be accompanying the other works on the wall this evening. Wet off the easel-literally-its unfinished, but I really wanted to have two new works to showcase, since its only a month since my last featured show, and for any return visitors I wanted to give them something new to make it worth their while.

Doors open around 6pm, I shall be hovering somewhere ready for grilling and bartering, so bring your rich friends and your checkbook;)

Look forward to seeing you there

Thumbprint Gallery
2637 University Avenue. #A
San Diego, CA, 92104

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