Notes from an Easel.

Today, I finally completed the piece which has probably been the most contentious in some time and am genuinely happy with the results. I’ll premier it at the Mosaic show, this coming Thursday.

I also made some progress on the next piece-Ghost, which will be the culmination of this particular series of skulls- making it a sort offshoot of a sideline of a series.
There are of course several more skull themed pieces to produce,along with the completion of the original Theothanatos series, but the hope is to have enough to compile a book at some point, that may or may not be titled ‘Skulking Around’, ‘Dead End’ or some other title appropriate pun.

In the meantime, my cat-Pepper-who is barred from my studio whilst paint dries, hides in my closet, in the hopes that I cannot see her and foil her heinous plan.








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