I want your skull Art zine

As promised, the new issue of ‘I want your Skull’ is now available. Amongst the coterie of bonedome themed renderings, is a submission by yours truly.Not having had a chance to see a copy first hand, I can only postulate the quality, but going by the picture evidence, it looks spiffing.

Also sharing headspace are David D’andrea, Jimiyo, Kaitlin Beckett, Joshua Belanger, Nadja Schueller-Ost, Jeff Lamm, David Gough, Horrorwood, Justin Ryan, Sean Causley, Matthew Amey, Shawn Hebrank, Skullface, Todd Lambright, Miguel Cervantes, Scott Move, Iain Macarthur, Logan Kornhauser, Geoff May, Joshy, Ryan August, Mark Goss, Michael Heinz-Fischer, Nick Volkert, A Killer Wombat, Joe Boccia, Nick Mcpherson, Kenneth Botsford Jr, Nick Beaulieu, Nick Machia, Johnson, Joey Potts, Franx and Self High Five, with interviews with Thomas Hooper, and painter/illustrator, Stephen Haynes.

Sealed in a neat little black envelope, theres a limited edition of 350, individually hand numbered, along with a giveaway screen-printed bandana featuring a killer illustration by Brian Morris. The 22 inch square bandana features a white print on a 100% cotton, black bandana. A 4×6 inch sticker also designed by Brian Morris is included as well.

Kick arse!!

Get yourself a copy whilst stocks last.

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