Notes from an Easel

I’m traveling at the speed of light at the moment.
Days have been spent sequestered in my studio, high on paint fumes, melting in atomic temperatures, and trying to avoid any unwanted distractions.

The studio looks like the bloody aftermath of a painting blitz, but I can’t stop, shows are pending, walls need filling, the bank account needs feeding-goddammit.

Got the bill today for my injury, at such moments I wish I was back home with the good old NHS.

The oil for ‘Disintegration’ is complete-It looks deceptively simple, but has been one of my most involved pieces for some time. I’ve been looking at it for too long to be objective about it. I’ll scan it and make prints available as soon as I’m able.


Finally, I’ve begun the large canvas for a piece going by the working title, ‘Infertile Ground’. I figure I needed another wow piece like the Valley, seeing as I am doubling shows over the next few months.

First though, there is the ‘totally awesome project’ I hinted at over the weekend. San Diego abstract artist Mark Jesinoski and I are getting together to work on a special collaboration for the forthcoming speaking in tongues exhibit. It’s an experiment, and will be completely spontaneous, but its going to be a specially filmed event recorded for posterity, so no doubt it will make itself available in some form.

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