Ghost Town

Began the next Ghost piece. It has a macabre resonance which prompted my wife to make comparisons with the tree from Spooky Hollow, although the only hollow that was inside me when I painted it,was the realisation that its not 1979 anymore.
There’s something oddly definitive about that particular year which has always left an indelible mark on me. I guess I would have been twelve, so it was pre teen, but the sound of the times through the music, the movies, my burgeoning hunger for understanding over what life was about was just beginning, and of course it was the end of the 70’s.

The final year of innocence then?

In the 90’s , I chose to set Post Mortimer in that year, and It was enough for Billy Corgan to write a song about it, so I really must do a post about it one day.

Took a breather, to catch Alan Bennett’s satire,The Madness of King George III at the San Diego Old Globe theatre last night.
It’s a wonderful piece of work of course, depicting a caricature court of buffoons, fops,sycophants and treachery that showed amusing parallels with contemporary circles of power, but what an extraordinary performance by the lead actor-Miles Anderson.

Disquieting, manic, vitriolic,poignant-I can’t recommend the play highly enough.


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