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Exit through the Taco Shop.

The Artistic “community” here seems besotted with a recent appearance of an alleged Banksy, on the wall of an Oceanside Taco shop. I’ve made my growing distaste for the artist known as Banksy here before, so ground covered (or wall), I’ve said all I want to in that regard.

I wasn’t going to further add to the mire then, except what perturbs me most about about this whole thing, is the attention that’s being expended in the question of it’s authenticity.
Is it a Banksy?
Isn’t it?
Who the fuck cares..?

For all his supposed anonymity, the hype surrounding such shameless attention whoring ensures cultural ubiquity to the point of it’s authenticity being moot.
Indeed, even after Banksy’s P.R office (a subversive street artist with an agent and PR dept-doesn’t this strike anyone else as a glaring contradiction?) has dismissed the piece as a fake, the media here continues to flutter around the wearisome question of who the forger is, like flies around a fresh,shiny turd.

What we end up with then, is a poor duplicate of a puerile artistic degenerative, now holding the rapt media with column inches and some skewed perception of ingenuity.

Meanwhile, sales at the Taco shop have doubled, which says it all really.

Exit through the Taco Shop.

Can I have cheese with mine.

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