Dead Ends by David Gough

Here it finally is-A project literally three years in the making-Dead/Ends…as it were.

The order page is up and running, and I’m making a special limited edition signed (soft) release available for just 30 days.

Thereafter, the book will be available through Amazon, Indie Store finder etc, with full ISBN.

Those who would still like a signed copy after that date, can come and purchase one in person, as I shall be doing a short tour here in San Diego.

Whilst venues are still to be announced- suffice to say that I can confirm that one of the dates coincides with my Momento Mori showing at the Oceanside Museum of Art on October 15th.

Exciting times ahead.

Below is the full official press release:



San Diego
DEAD/ENDS words and pictures by David Gough
In 2005 artist David Gough left his English roots to live and work in America.
Affected by what he saw as extreme fundamentalism in the media, he began a series entitled The Theothanatos Series, which would deal with broad questions of religious dogma and human origin.
However, as the series developed, he began to confront more existential questions of his own mortality, bringing to the forefront memories of personal loss, and an obsession with both the human skull and the number three.
Dead/Ends presents twenty-five works as well as the annotations and recollections that shaped the series.
A special limited signed edition is available for a thirty days online from the following link:
In October, the Book shall be available on Amazon, followed by a short book tour in San Diego. Venues to be announced.
Author of Strange Fascination: David Bowie — the Definitive Story, No Mercy: the Authorised and Uncensored Biography of the Stranglers, R.E.M. Fiction: an Alternative Biography, David Buckley,reflects on parallels between the lyrics of David Bowie and Gough’s Art, as well as growing up in their mutual home town of Liverpool.
Raised in Liverpool, England, David Gough has been working as a professional artist for over twenty years.A former commercial illustrator, now living in the U.S, his work has been collected and licensed worldwide, as well as being exhibited and collected both in prominent exhibitions in the U.K, as well as being a regular addition to shows on both the West and East coasts of the U.S. Recently he was honored with the distinction of featured artist of 2010 at the San Diego Art Institute, as well as being featured at gallery’s in LA and Monterrey.
In the coming months, his work shall be included at the Oceanside Museum of Art as part of the ‘Momeneto Mori’ show
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