Momento More

bookNow that the book is out, and we are two weeks into the release, I can report with a resonant sigh of relief that sales of the first edition have been steady, and nobody has demanded their money back-yet.

Of course, I have to tip my hat to my regulars-you know who you are-from antipodean to anglophile-thanks for keeping the Dead alive.
So far reviews amongst my coterie have been positive, and having done a couple of interviews with local press this week, it seems to be gathering some momentum.

We’ll see.

Momento Mori show at OMA is October 15th-both the “Valley” and “Legend” shall be exhibited, and I’ll be on hand to sign books which shall also be available.

Meanwhile, work in the studio continues, even if it does feel sporadic for the moment, so between tickling “the wall” piece-today I began a new painting, which you can see taking shape in the studio shot

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