The difference between oil and water

For me, a painting never really comes to life until I paint it in oils-it doesn’t fight with me in quite the same way that acrylics do.

Something else that I’ve been battling…

Since first reading the Bugulosi book way back in the 80’s, there’s been a wealth of material made available, published both in book form and on the web, so I’ve been revisiting the Manson story in depth as these pieces take shape.

As my sketchbooks margins swell with side notes daily, it’s becoming obvious to me that what was intended as a smaller series is transitioning into a larger collection of work, with the necessity for a complete artistic case study.

Rather than inflict my diversion into the territory of conspiracy theory , onto the readership purely here for the art, I shall be starting a second blog-title as yet undecided-early in the new year. I shall of course still be maintaining regular updates here.

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