Sharons Back

It’s still wet, and the light is casting a glare, but I think ‘Pig’ is almost done. I kept it loose and raw, sometimes scoring into the wet paint with toothpicks or the end of the brush.
I had considered painting it onto an actual door-though not ‘The’ door.
I think Trent Reznor still has the original anyway, from his time at Cielo drive.
Time and the logistics of scale put paid to any idea I had about using any door anyway, but am thinking of incorporating another element  when it comes to framing.

Despite the vileness of the content, this series-more than my others seems very much informed by a spirit of painterly experimentation-seeing what I can do within the parameters of traditional figurativism without degenerating into abstraction.

I hope it conveys a sense of the 60’s anyway.

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