Last days of Summer

It’s over a month away, and I just took a week off the grid camping in Utah, playing at polygamy, hiking the kind of terrain the Mars rover would photograph,and drinking warm three percent proof wine on warmer night’s. 
It’s a dry state in a dry climate, only one liquor store we could find, nestled at the back of a gift store,selling native Indian tat made in China.
Yet there in the valley, surrounded by the austere crag of Saints, its a place that seems mired in ancient forces,the turbulent hum beneath the ground of fossilized spirits and forgotten rites.

Or perhaps it was just the heat, and the grimoire’s I was reading?

When heat hits the high nineties, people get crazy-maybe that’s why it’s a draw for the congregation of the latter day’s, the way the heat feeds the madness and maybe after Utah, hell seems like a Roman bath house.

Going to have to be off the grid a bit longer-find my religion,the draw of other spirits, other rites, the easel, the artery to Samhain…a sabbatical for the sabbath.
The heat is on, and  September is around the corner, so I shall see you all on more temperate nights….sooner or later.

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