Livin’ devil may care

It’s a sneak peak wip for what will be the pivotal ‘Healter Skelter’ piece for Octobers show, and at times it’s felt I’m on a downward spiral.
I wonder if I shall ever feel adequately prepared ‘enough’ for the work I am undertaking? I mean the hours of research, the contemplation’s,the journaling, the nest of snakes the understanding unleashes. From book to canvas, Utah to Vegas…. and talk about juxtapositions.

And so it was, another brief sojourn, this time to visit my son who is there this week with his girlfriends family.

I was prepared for the heat, but not the parable of literal Hades manifest there. In my readings and writings and questing for my mission for the Man/Son series, I’ve developed a theory called sinister architecture, which you can attribute psychically or geographically, depending on your side of the fence (or defense), but in Vegas it’s there, so blatant and balls out as to be blase-a caricature of Babylon, a eulogy of self aggrandized American myth with deities, demons and gargoyles bought wholesale, sitting like guardians atop an abyss of excess, whilst a Black pyramid ( the hotel Luxor named after its counterpart and glorious city of God Amon-Ra in Egypt) shines a single slivering beacon into the pliant sky, like a temple of the Golden Dawn.

It’s there when you realize the will to the spectacle, the council of magi that must of requisitioned it all, because look beneath the surface at the pantheon of occultist reference and reverence,  Vegas isn’t just the pretentious child of gangsters, investors,accountants, architects and artists, its the mindset of dark understanding.

Perhaps that’s what my study and research has given me-as unwashed and often callow as I feel on this journey down the rarebit hole I’ve dug for myself-my mind and eyes and minds-eye are open as never before,  attempting to articulate in paint.

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