Hell to Skelter

It peaked 106° here on Friday, at least outside-in the studio I’ve been running a fever-a temperature akin to the lava flow of a volcano on the surface of Mercury. I’ve been living, eating and breathing the work.

I wake up and go to sleep with it percolating in my brain, to the point were I’ve lost all objectivity on whether what I am doing is good anymore. I look at the work lined up at various stages of finish and I think it is-at least I hope it is-for Sharon Tate at least.

A good friend in a similar storm, said something like that in such circumstances, one should supplant the concept for any finnesse, and as much as I try to remind myself that I am trying to accomplish in a month, something that should have taken me ten, it niggles at me as much as the nest of ants that I stem around the sugar bowl, daily.

Press release goes out tomorrow, I believe, a week to deadline and all will be revealed. In the meantime above is another detail teaser of the Healter Skelter piece.

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