Floor plans

Since the close of the Man/son (and the haunting of the American Madonna) show last October, I have been busy making preparations for the next series, ‘Purgatorium’, getting the studio habitable again, priming canvases and working on preliminaries.

This will be my largest show to date comprising 24 pieces in all, with a planned exhibit in March 2015.

In the interim, there will be the launch of the Man/son book-‘Rise’ this February, which will contain the paintings from the show, alongside sketches, personal study notes and annotations.

Following on from that, there will be some more exciting happenings, which I don’t want to say too much about at the moment, except suffice to say that with more art than you can shake a sable at, the new year is off to a flying start

In the meantime,I’ll leave you with an explanation of the painting above, which comes from the End of the world show at the Ruby Room on 12/21/2012.

The Ruby Room was the first venue I showcased at in San Diego almost five years to the date-and like the serpent swallowing its tail, it was the perfect closing of an arc, which naturally, culminated in me painting a dead,red Cardinal as a cherry on the cake of years.

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