Candy Covered Coatings.

varnish2Here I am, gilding the lilly, or slapping on a final coat of varnish to the layman. If we as artists were an honest breed, I imagine we would admit that it is the absolute worst part of the process, the moment when all your hours meticulously working color, hue and detail, is obliterated by chance, akin to dragging broad daubs of phlegmatic, milky, sputum across your work with the flat edge of a broom. It’s an absolute macrocosm in time,space and humidity and one give’s oneself over absolutely to the alchemy of environment, which when all said and done, is probably wonderfully freeing and cathartic, and rather like a trial by fire or some thing like that.

Regardless, we are just under three weeks away from endgame, skates on, showdown or up if you will.

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