Oil and Stone

‘Oil and Stone’-11″ x 14″. Ink of Paper

My first showing at La Bodega since opening the studio, was for the second annual Dirty,Filthy show, and every purveyor of debauchery, depravity and decadence was on display- even a glass case of excrement served on fine china. I had a little longer to compose my own contribution-a day-and fell upon the old warhorse of actual pen and ink. I had the illustrations of Aubrey Beardsley, Franz Von Bayros and Tomi Ungerer in mind when I did this, and the message I think is clear, there is nothing quite so perverse as the Corporate shafting of liberty

vincentSo you can imagine how truly honored I was when the renowned blood work artist-Vincent Castigli-visited my studio recently, and wanted to add the piece to his personal collection.

Many thanks Vincent.


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