The Devil Tarot

“He has poisoned our water forever”

Hunter S Thompson

36″ x 48″
Oil on canvas
Here it is-the completed commission for the 78 Tarot project-Lucifer rising from the primeval, evil pool of mankind that spawned him.  Principally, it takes the elemental subtext of that card , the representation of sinister external forces, the illusionary deception of fear, the physical bondage of materialism, and places it amongst the unraveling detritus that followed George Bush’s pronouncement of Mission Accomplished on board the Lincoln on in 03 May 1- or May day, a sacred Beltane date in the Illuminati calendar and the date that the Gulf oil spill and the death of Bin Laden occurred. Also coincidentally, the date that I put the last finishing touches to the piece. Such dark arcs aren’t lost on me.

I could have comfortably kneeled at it’s dark altar for six months, but the deadline eclipsed any such ambition.

We’re all still kneeling anyway.

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