Heavy Metal fortieth exhibition at Copro

Copronasan Gallery
Bergamot Arts Complex,
2525 Michigan Ave T5,
Santa Monica, CA 90404

July 15th 2017

As an artistic rites of passage, there was no better for me and my generation. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, Heavy Metal was the adult version of 2000ad, and I used to covet every opportunity to leaf through a well thumbed copy whenever I could from my classmates. At the time, I was never able to own one myself you see, firstly because it was as rare as hens teeth a to bag a copy in Liverpool, and secondly because my Mam wouldn’t have approved if I had.

If only she’d known what my old man kept in the attic.

Of course I made up for it years later-Moebius, Bilal,Vallejo all those legends.

So it goes without saying I’m beyond honored to be part of this exhibit-the fortieth anniversary at Copro, July 15th no less, alongside some modern day legends.

More details as I have them.


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