Vault plug

Altar Ergo, 16″ x 12″ mixed media on aquarelle paper-$250

At varying degrees throughout the five decades of my life, I’ve kept a sketchbook in some form or other. And although the well leafed contents have varied from scratchy and barely legible scrawl, to what are now almost anthropological, meticulously rendered explorations of my process, it only struck me very recently, that what I had considered mere morsels before getting down to the meat and potatoes of the main event, consisted of some fairly interesting nuggets of head toffee.

Pudding as an appetizer then.


Trying on a different skin. 9″ x 12″-ink and wash on aquarelle paper-$65

To that end, and needs must as they are, I figured I would open the vault and make some of the archive available to purchase.

Affordable for the bargain hunter and in some cases unique from my usual cannon of works, here then is a small collection of what is a growing vault of renderings.


What doesn’t kill you. 10″x13″-Biro on paper-$150

More to follow, so don’t miss out.In the meantime see more HERE


Abraxas whipping up an omelett. 9″x12″-Biro on paper-$65



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