Cave Painting

This one arrived via some caves in Oregon, on a recent road trip which weaved from San Diego to Seattle. Ten days of head trip as white plain Desert became craggy coastline,became lush towering redwood, became urban sprawl, with lots of small town stops and roadside curiosity along the way.

If the year has felt like a gradual spiritual and physical estrangement from this my adoptive country, it’s true to say that the beautiful diversity of its landscape reminded me of why I fell in love with it in the first place.

That and spending time with my wife Lani.

There’s an essence of some of the aforementioned spiritual retreat in this new piece-going by the working title “The Grieving”. Still very much at the stage where I am undecided if I actually like it, or if I want to crack it over my knee, but that’s pretty normal for me, and I’ll persevere regardless.

I mean I have to-it’s going to be on show at the Dark Art Emporium next month.

printssaveAll Hallows in between, except the season of the witch has still to cast her spell over me. I fear perhaps the fear of the horror on capitol hill has eclipsed the haunted house on the hill for many this year , and I am waiting for tricks to turn over their treats. Still, my demons need homes kids-Art Prints and Books 30% off.  Remember the incantation BOOO17 on checkout


Happy Samhain




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