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The Grieving

18″ x 24″
Oil on canvas

I suppose one could say that this is something of a throwback piece to my Theothanatos series, oh blimey… seven years ago now. As a showcase dealing with questions of mortality and loss, it could fit quite comfortably in there I think. I mean there’s even a skull. Actually, theres always a skull somewhere, its the common thread throughout my work, throughout my life even, and so It could be argued, my entire artistic quest has dealt in some way with that ever present shadow of the reaper. As Dali once posited, ” I have been living with death, since I became aware”.

What new to say with”The Grieving” that I haven’t said before then?  To start (or end with) It’s death as the great democratizer, that singular force that is indiscriminate in its insatiable wake. A shared, cold and brutal reality that unites every living entity, regardless.  And so our progenitor, hairless and naked crouches, fetal like once more in a dark chasm. One is reminded of the dehumanized wretches at Concentration camps, or those former shadows of loved ones, diminished to an ailing carcass by toxic doses and chemotherapy treatments.  He could be anyone, or anyone of us. He will be.

posterWe see him momentarily illuminated by fading light, which could be an extinguishing candle or the last ray of twilight as the coffin lid slides into place, but he is already, desperately lost to the beckoning depths of darkness. From his forehead sprouts a large horn, which he strains to scrape against the walls of the cavern, or even out of the picture itself, perhaps fruitlessly trying to excavate his way out, except he can’t there’s no escape. He could also be sharpening his final vestige of potency, transfixed by the dying sparks that spring as ivory scratches stone. It’s the grieving for an extinguishing life then, the final pronouncements of vitality in a concluding epilogue, done fast and lose in places before time expires.

Its a timely reminder in these dark days to fight against the dying of the light, and will be on show for the Requiem exhibit at The Dark Art Emporium from 11/11/17 throughout the month of November.


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