Limited Edition of This thing of Darkness

11″ x 14″
Archival ink of velvet paper
signed, dated and numbered


I know its been a long time in coming, but here it is.

This Thing of Darkness Ltd Ed Print

Way back when I did Purgatorium, I set the remit for myself that I’d only release this series as a limited edition, but I wouldn’t settle until I could find the right vendor who could do it justice, and who was prepared to work with me to get the output exactly right.

And so, printed with archival ink on beautiful Elegant Velvet paper, as smooth as a babies ass, I’m  proud to finally release  the first print of what will eventually be the entire set of twelve, in batches of 30 each, for just $75 a pop.

With Valentines just around the corner, remember kids, giving the gift of dark art is better than a soppy card with love hearts.


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