Purgatorium LTD Editions

Hard to believe that Purgatorium will be five years old next year. I guess it makes some sort of sense given all that’s passed in between. The La Bodega years and preparation for Paradiso’s Fall- the second act of the series-respectively.

It was largely ignored by all the usual suspects at the time, garnering two single reviews by Cartwheel and Art Business-good one’s as it happens, for which I was hugely grateful for.

Still, I remain really proud of what I accomplished, and have been chipping away at compiling a sort of volume, which will comprise annotations, alongside the plates, sketches, notes and personal anecdotes, should it ever see the light someday.

In the interim, I’ve finally released the entire series as a signed limited edition of 30, on lovely velvet rag paper.

You can purchase all twelve pieces from the following link.


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