Pastures new

Here I am in my new studio digs, feeling like the cat got the catnip, because it’s indoors, higher ceilings, central air, located in the same building I eat and sleep in.

Yes, part of me will miss the romance of the open air that was my trek to the little converted garage on the mountain, the occasional harvest mouse that would scutter along the rafters, even the sticky black widow spiders web that would dangle from the corners of old canvases.  I could even handle the ball chilling winters. I shalln’t miss the longest hottest summer in living memory though, which along with the dust and smoke, had rendered Planet Mercury as uninhabitable as-well, it’s namesake.

Looking down are some of the pieces from the new series, Paradiso’s Fall, which I just happen to be at the halfway point of, so it’ll be interesting to see if the remainder will be influenced by the new workspace.

It’ll certainly be less like camping.

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