Toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble

All Hallows upon us again, witches night. There may not be pyres of crowing hags, just the flickering candle light through the drooping hollow of carved pumpkins, but it pales against the incandescent burning of the midnight oil ahead of me, as I settle back into duties for Paradiso’s Fall, just five short months away.

I’m feeling like I’ll need eye of newt to accomplish everything I want to.

This is me working on a piece which looks like it could be ready and basted in time for Thanksgiving, but continues a  thread that I started on the Manson series regarding cults and the dangerous hive mind of group think. Salem, Jonestown, Heavens Gate, The Children of God, MAGAt’s.

Whatever  scary movie double bill you stream tonight, remember there is nothing so bone chilling as the horror of current world events.

Happy Samhain everyone.





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