Made the mistake of driving into the city for supplies on Friday. Bumper to bumper sedans and trucks, forging the nation into the biggest parking lot in the world, all willing, seething, commuters hunting for deals. It made me wonder why it was called Black Friday. Perhaps it’s because Americans, stupefied the day before by tryptophan, can be be roused only by their darkest urges, to rend and tear each other apart for a bargain HD 4k Ultra 65″ TV, made on a production line in the arse-end of no-place, just so they can be stupefied and sedated all over again.

After an hour trying to park, we sacked it off and decided to go to the cinema instead, to see Fantastic Beasts 2 as it happens. The irony of course isn’t lost on me.

I tell you all this, conscious of the fact that I am throwing my own site wide sale, slashing 35% off everything, so more consumption, more irony eh, David.

Except there’s the caveat that if dark urges is your thing, and you want to truly paint it black- not just on Fridays- then you could do worse than buy some dark art, and feed your soul. All without ever needing a co aux cable that didn’t come with your purchase, or stepping through the hungry mouth of a zombiemart sliding door.

Type in the coupon code darkmas on checkout, for the chance to own your own fantastic beast-and, remember, it’s not just for the holidays.


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