Origin of Origin

Back to where it all started, the final piece of the series, or ‘The Origins of Life’ to give it, it’s full title. This one goes all the way back to November 2016, which I mothballed when I began formulating plans for Paradiso’s Fall. I hadn’t intended it to be part of this series until I pulled it out again to actually paint over, and realized it totally followed the arc of the collection. I guess given the month and year it was manifested in should have been a clue.

I’ve retooled it somewhat, but when it’s finished, I want it to sit with ‘The Origin of Death’ and ‘Origins of a Black Hole’ to form a part of a triptych-a terrible trinity if you will.

varnishIn between, I’ve been ladling on the varnish which for me is the absolute worst part of the process. One cannot describe enough, the full existential horror of pouring thick wads of syrup on something you have meticulously worked on, only to discover what amounts to a thicket of cat dander,like a transporter bay of Tribble’s appearing in the atmosphere. My cat Ronin, cares not a jot.
At any rate,I have resolved that my next series shall be completed in a Dexter styled kill room.

It’s hard to believe I’m already anticipating that far.

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