Paleozoic periods

 “And my essays lying scattered on the floor
Fulfil their needs just by being there”

David Bowie-Conversation Piece

That’s it, the final flourish-my daubed initials alongside a scuttering trilobite. A little primordial arachnomorph, peering out from the corner of a bygone time.

An apt note to end the series on then.

He’s also a call back to all of those gorgeously illustrated dinosaur books I had as a child, a relic from my own Paleozoic period if you will. Long gone to some netherland, dusty token corner of the internet, which I inevitably pored over before I began the series.

Actually, if you look at my piece ‘Space Enough Have I, to Lie in Such a Prison” from my last series-Purgatorium-you can see a little Archaeopteryx and Eohippus, in what is ultimately a thread between the two collections.

David Van Gough-Miranda

Speaking of seminal beginnings, I finally caught the excellent Bowie documentary-‘Finding Fame’.
It reminded me that in a blog post (which is hard to believe is almost a decade old now) I’d wondered ” Pre Ziggy…What had spurred that self belief?”

David Bowie circa 1965, by Ken Pitt

David Bowie circa 1965, by Ken Pitt

What struck me watching the documentary, was for all of David Jones’s early missteps, through excruciating novelty Gnome records and mime, were the seeds of sustained, exploratory fearlessness he possessed for creative self discovery and illumination. For him, what started as a vehicle for some sort of notoriety, manifested into creating for the spirit of the mere act itself, as a way of destroying the self.

Coming at the tail end of my own series, about mans compulsive nature for creation and destruction, it’s a sentiment I both adhere and relate to.

Certainly, his passing in 2016 and his final album has informed this entire body of work.

Just over a fortnight to go before the unveiling, and all the final preparation still ahead of me.

In every sense.

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