Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Interview

“So Paradiso’s Fall came to represent that dark desire that is innate within us all. That the correlation as an artist to change our external reality, to deconstruct so to represent our interior world, extends beyond the canvas, throughout mankind as a very fundamental human function.”

Speaking to Beautiful Bizarre.

And I mean, how splendid is this? In which I talk a little about my process for the series, dark art, living and working in Julian and future plans. There’s also a small preview of some of the pieces.


I have to say, the publicity surrounding this show has completely bowled me over. After a decade of unveiling shows in a vacuum of seeming indifference, it’s been like a revelation. I am beside myself with gratitude. Thank you BB, Bella Harris, and Jeremy’s Schott and Cross of Dark Art Emporium. Just Stellar.

Two more nerve wracked sleeps before showtime, and all will be revealed.

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