infernal copy

The next thing

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust”

T S Eliot. The Wasteland

So here you have it, this is me signing on for more of the same madness for what will be the forseeable two years. No rest for the wicked or maybe even the witless -who can say. Infernal, the Denouement- the final in a three part series, that started with Purgatorium in 2012.

As with the last two series, I’ll be using a literary springboard to jump start my visual ideas, this time in no less a monumental work than T.S.Eliot’s”The Wasteland”. That’s quite heavy stock for the stew right there.

Given that the opening lines begin “April is the cruellest month, breeding / Lilacs out of the dead land”, should give one an inkling of where I’m coming from-this being April and all.

No set date yet, but Infernal will open in 2021 at The Dark Art Emporium.

The end is nigh.






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