Art Decade 2009-2019

“I wish I could spend my days, lost in the pursuit of paint, all in the name of a greater journey-THAT greater journey.”

Me-November 18th 2009

(Top) “Legend” (2009)-oil on canvas | 30″ x 40″

A decade closing then. Time to take personal stock. Tally the gains against the losses. Measure the clock, along with the lines on your face, and the marks on the canvas.

I’ve been doing my own introspection of the whole retrospection lately, diving through decades old blog posts, and for all the highs, lows, occasional navel gazing, pretentious waffle and daubed missteps, the one constant ally has been the work. The eradicable drive to continue on the painted quest against sometimes insurmountable odds. At times it’s felt hopeless, like total folly, at others a sanctuary of illumination, but always a restless, fathomless pursuit for meaning in this mad, bad thing called life.

I imagine all this means that for myself, the muse and the rest of you still willing to enjoy what I do, we are stuck with one another until we all fall down, or are blown to smithereens.

Nevertheless, my gratitude is as boundless as the event horizon, for those who’ve stuck with and supported me this far.

Here then, is a piece from each year-souvenirs that mark my greater journey.

Theothanatos | Ghosts | Man/son | Purgatorium | La Bodega | Paradiso’s Fall

Legacy-an Artists General Truth

Legacy-an Artists General Truth-(2011)–Oil on Canvas | 48″x24″


“Osmosis” (2011)-oil on canvas | 36″ x 24″

David Van Gough-Rise

“Rise” (2012)-oil on canvas | 30″ x 40″

David Van Gough-Purgatory 2

“What’s Past is Prologue” (2013)-oil on canvas | 36″ x 48″

"This Thing of Darkness, I Acknowledge Mine" (2014)-oil on canvas | 36" x 48"

“This Thing of Darkness, I Acknowledge Mine” (2014)-oil on canvas | 36″ x 48″

"The Devil" (2015)-oil on canvas |36" x 48"

“The Devil” (2015)-oil on canvas |36″ x 48″

"Leviathan" (2016)-oil on canvas | 42" x 80"

“Leviathan” (2016)-oil on canvas | 42″ x 80″


“Wrath” (2017)-oil on canvas | 36″ x 48″


“The Voyage of Elen” (2018)-oil on canvas | 36″ x 48″

"Origins of a Black Hole" (2019)-oil on canvas | 36" x 48"

“Origins of a Black Hole” (2019)-oil on canvas | 36″ x 48″

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