Cracking nuts

Was going to wait ’till it was dry and I had a proper scan, but since the wife is passed out on the couch and I’m done clicking through my usual distractions, then bugger it.
Its just a study in oil-a warm up, a meagre apéritif, but why paint a ballerina?

Why not?

Actually if you want context (and no, I’ve not seen Black Swan) there is something to preface this.

When I was a mere tadpole, I swore down blind that one day I would marry a ballerina. Possibly this was the result of watching a tellyplay of ‘The Nutcracker’ every Christmas, but regardless, I realised there was something beautiful and pure, that bespoke innately to my prepubescent mind.

Of course I didn’t marry a ballerina…although I kind of did.

When my wife was a mere cygnet, she took ballet lessons and was eventually brought to bear at the ripe old age of six, to play a doormouse in-yes you guessed it-‘The Nutcracker’.

Life…it’s all about the arc’s and where you find them.

Then again, it could all just be a bloody shambles.

More soon.

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