Median Point

A work in progress of the piece currently on my easel-the Sycorax manifest as three sisters, or if you like, Shakespeare, Chekhov and Weishaupt in tow.There’s a dinner party right there, and as good a piecemeal for what I have on my plate right now.

I’m at the halfway point you see , the eye of the storm I suppose, the midway curse-too far to go back, the point of no return. I have Dali up the rear, because when it doubt, one of his crutches will always do-a bigger stick to beat me with. I’ll save my thoughts on the mustachioed minstrel for another time.

You can’t see, but the Sycorax is spewing a fetid,toxic, black river-a virulent paint slug warping and manifesting into a mishapen hound. Like the words and images that dog us throughout,  it’s something that’s vexed me of late-the legacy of what I do, the cause and effect, the imprint on the ether. If any.

We are all sinister architects in one form or another.

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