Up to the cieling. Down to the floor

Here I am like Virgil in Hades, walking on tinder’s whilst feeling the heat ,still a mad dog and an Englishman staying out of the midday sun whilst pushing to forge my day in it.

You can’t see, but in between the heat and the madness, I run old films on my computer such as the Agony and the Ecstasy-Chuck Heston acting through his teeth, whilst chewing the Sistine Chapel with his cold dead hand, Rex Harrison as ‘Enry ‘Iggins playing the Pontiff.

It’s quite epic and splendid actually, the melodrama not diminishing the awesome crippling scale and magnitude of Michelangelo’s 5,000 square foot fresco one iota.
Even through the paint spattered glow of my 16″ monitor, my jaw slackens at that accomplishment, whilst my little twelve piece vignette of internal first world turmoil dwarves like an anonymous pallbearer in the 16th century.
Or even this one for that matter.

Sometimes reaching a ceiling is just a reminder of how dense the shadows are cast beneath it.

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