In Praise of the Art Widows.

On the last leg, literally.

Eleven down, final canvas in progress.Hard to believe.
That’s the penultimate piece above- ‘Space enough have I, in such a prison’-which like the titles of all the paintings in the series-is a line from the Tempest. 

Been watching umpteen adaptations, and the Derek Jarman one is still my favorite-like a Dorothea Tanning in chiaroscuro, it has Jack Birkett as Caliban, and a winsome Toyah as Miranda. 
This is my version of Miranda…whats that? Looks like my wife? I won’t have it – any resemblance to Lani is purely coincidental. 
Actually, that’s a lie, Lani is in all of the pieces, quite simply because whatever sun that has risen or set in the studio, it has done so with her blessing.  

Never a hint of complaint, grievance, or resentment for that other bedfellow, for our muses are like mistresses that we spend our hours bewitched and infatuated by.

For all the “oohs” and “ahs” doled out for those concubines gazing from walls throughout history, the Art widows of the world are the true goddesses.

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