Flogging a Dead Horse

Oil on Canvas
36″ x 48″

The air has been thick with acrid smoke from the ongoing fires in Holy Jim Canyon these last few days.  Which seems entirely apt given the apocalyptic pedigree for this one. ‘Wrath’, as it was titled has had quite a ride. Begun as an impromptu live painting session for an end of the world  themed party in 2012, it was mothballed until last year, when it was resurrected for these dark ages and possible end times , and slated at the time to be included in two exhibits, but neglected from the gallery’s roster when it came to actual showtime for some reason.

At any rate, third time being a charm, the red horseman of the apocalypse will definitely be on show and perfectly at home at my favorite dark and rich oasis by the seaside-the Dark Art Emporium for its second year anniversary exhibit, which open’s this evening from 7pm to 11pm.

More news to follow in the coming days, but in the meantime check out the online preview of the show-that is if you can’t join us to celebrate.

Anniversary Show Preview

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