Tales from the Darkside

Co-Curated by David Van Gough

So how cool is this? Tales from the Darkside-(not to be confused with the old TV series) a single showcase, bringing together-or bridging together to be more precise-the dark art community from all over the world.

Over fifty artists from as far afield as Austria to Alabama, chosen to participate by myself.

And what a roster of top talent we have lined up. Having been fortunate to have seen some of the previews for the show, I am overwhelmed by the grand guignol of creative artistry that’s going to be on exhibit.

But don’t just take my word for it, look at that list of names below.

Blurbage details are as follows:

La Bodega Gallery presents
A Group Exhibition Co-Curated by David Van Gough

From Hieronymus Bosch to Zdzislaw Beksinski, artists throughout history, have explored the darker side of the imagination. Drawing from the monstrous excesses of the periods they created in, or speaking to the inner turmoils of the psyche, darkness in art has been a potent, visual language, which expresses the deeper recesses of the soul.

In the month that is the festival of Samhain, Tales from the Darkside will be a showcase that is both a manifestation of the shadow side of art, and a representation of the best contemporary dark artists working today.

Saturday October 13th, 2018
6:00pm to 10:00pm / Free Admission

Participating Artists :
Alissa Renzetti
Ally Burke
Amber Michelle Russell
Amy Rodriguez
Andreas Nagel
Anthony Champ
Bill Remington
Bri Valdivia
Brooke Weston
Brynn Elizabeth
Carrie Anne Hudson
Celene Petrulak
Clint Carney
Clinton Neuhaus
Cory Benhatzel
Dan Harding
David Russell Talbot
David Van Gough
Donnie Green
Dos Diablos
Edgar Marquez
Edward Frausto
Enys Guerrero
Evgeniya Golik
Gregory P. Rodriguez
Ivonne Carley
Jay Ferguson
Jeff Christensen
Jen Lightfoot
Jeremy Cross
Jessica Perner
Jim Pavelec
Jorge Gutierrez
Katherine Lomax
Lana Gentry
Lee Harvey Roswell
Mark Jesinoski
Martin Woodhead
Matan Chaffee
Megan Buccere
Nannette Cherry
Nonie Cruzado
Paul Neberra
Paul Vargas
RF Pangborn
Rick Dienzo Blanco
Ron Lemen
Sandy Yagi
Scott Holloway
Shane Izykowski
Stephanie Vega
Sunol Golden
Tatomir Pitariu
Tehani Farr
Theodore Limn
Tom Haubrick
Vanessa Lemen
Vince Packard
Vincent Castiglia

La Bodega Gallery
2196 Logan Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113




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