Seeing the light

Tales from the Darkside at Labodega. October 13 2018.


Some said that the grim pall of clouds that had gathered over San Diego, seemed apropos to the theme of the show. But if the summoning of stormy skies was as an ill omen to dissuade hordes of eager visitors, it hadn’t worked on that particular night.

And if there was any breeze detected, it was likely the result of my audible sighs of relief. Why…? Because my first co curated showcase, featuring over fifty contemporary dark artists – Tales from the Darkside at  LaBodega gallery was finally here.

It’s long been a given, that any visible art scene on the west coast, pales by degrees south of the I5. Having lived in San Diego for over a decade, I’ve certainly found that to be the case. But this night was different, it felt like the chance to dissolve the barriers, level playing fields and overcome the inequality that exists in a gallery system so riven with wrong headed prejudice towards the genre, but also one where an exclusion zone exists for anyone who isn’t a darling of the LA art scene. On October 13, established painters shared walls alongside bright, fledgling artists, alongside artists who are veterans and never really ever get a fair crack at the whip. All a collective,all and unstoppable force toward a common cause-dark art, because in times such as these, culture can be both a black mirror and a catharsis.

And if I’m want to wax lyrical and pile on superlatives, it’s because I’m still heady from the experience, as utterly draining and exhausting as it was, because make no mistake, being on the other side of the easel for a change is all encompassing. Small change when one considers the stellar retinue of artists and the work they produced.

My Indebted gratitude then to them all, to the folks and friends who attended the event, and most of all to my brother and sister, Chris Zertuche and Soni Lopez Chavez, for giving me the opportunity to host an event at such a remarkable gallery.

For purchase details, please contact Chris at labodegagallerysd@gmail.com

You can see a preview and photos from the show from the following links:

Tales from the Darkside preview

LaBodega official photos

Poster Art by Martin Woodhead-“Harbinger”

Lee Harvey Roswell “The Killed Waits for the Killer”| 9×12” | oil on canvas


Paul Nebarra "The Forsaken" Oil on canvas| 9" x 11"

Paul Nebarra
“The Forsaken”
Oil on canvas| 9″ x 11″


Brooke Weston "Vermillion Temple" Taxidermy Deer/mixed media

Brooke Weston
“Vermillion Temple”
Taxidermy Deer/mixed media

"Self" Acrylic on canvas|8"x10"

Acrylic on canvas|8″x10″

Evgola “There is no light without darkness” (Gemini). Acrylic, colored pencils on 11”x14” wood panel.

“There is no light without darkness” (Gemini). Acrylic, colored pencils on 11”x14” wood panel.


Sandy Yagi "Hatching Death #1" Oil on panel | 12x16"

Sandy Yagi
“Hatching Death #1”
Oil on panel | 12×16″


Nannette Cherry “Anamnesis (After Jozeph Simmler)” | oil on board | 12” x 12”

Nannette Cherry
“Anamnesis (After Jozeph Simmler)” | oil on board | 12” x 12”


Jeff Christensen

Jeff Christensen-“Away, the ghost” Oil on panel |11″ x 14″

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