Paradiso Poster

Coming soon, to a select gallery in Long Beach…“Following directly on from my previous series (‘Pergatorium’), “Paradiso’s Fall” utilizes elements from Milton’s classic work, and the corruption of Eden as a mythological set piece for my own autumn of years, the fall of man, and the prevailing dark age we live in.
Through this series of paintings that are ill omens to the end times, the work is a meditation on mans appetite for self destruction, against the dichotomy of the ‘artist’s’ creative predisposition to deconstruct.”

-David Van Gough

“The thing I most love about David Van Goughs work is his use of symbols. Each paintings is a smorgasbord of images and all of them have a highly intentional and elegant part to play in the story he is telling. From the twisted, Bosch like creatures to the weather in the sky beyond. It all relates, like a fantastic jigsaw puzzle that has no corners, we are left with the joyful duty of finding how each defines the next until the underlying meaning, or at least how we perceive it, finds its way into view. But what keeps us digging is the skill with which each piece of that puzzle is created. The man can paint.”

– Jeremy Cross
Assistant Director – The Dark Art Emporium

And I mean how effing cool is the poster?

The piece he’s chosen to promote the series is called ‘Origins of a Black Hole”, and the ex designer in me, must admit to gritting my teeth through some designs submitted for past shows I’ve been involved with.
Lest we forget the aesthetic horrors of the now defunct gallery that promoted my show using brush script.
It’s to the Assistant Director Jeremy Cross‘s credit however, that he’s taken one of my pieces and complimented it perfectly. Thank you Jeremy.

Jeremy himself is a wonderful outlier artist by the way, I implore you to check out his darkly idiosyncratic works.




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