The Last Gasp

“Summer bled of Eden
Easter’s heir uncrowns
Another destiny
lies leeched
upon the ground”

Eden-Talk Talk

Here we are then. The final tally before I transport a years worth of daubing and sketching three hours west. Weeks of running at a million miles an hour and still a week until curtain rises (or falls) on the whole thing. Nothing left,but the studio wake of chaos to contend with.

I’ll be grateful for the business of restoring some semblance of order if I’m honest. The dreadful silence in between is my least favorite part of the whole bloody process. The terrible purgatory of waiting before showtime, the wretched dread of anticipation, ready to descend like a vampires teeth.

Still, I am truly beside myself with delight about the work I’m showing. People ask me if I’m excited, but my emotions are all over the place. I must admit to having to still myself from paroxysms of excitement, when I saw them all framed for the first time.

talk-talk-spirit-of-edenAnd then I heard that Mark Hollis had died and I wanted to bawl my bleeding eyes out. Of course Talk Talk has been constantly on rotation since the Color of Spring, but more so throughout this series. Particularly I’d developed a new appreciation for Spirit of Eden with it’s titles obvious allusions to the arc of what I was doing. In a series about loss, his sudden death felt all too literal-like a culminating acknowledgement of a bygone era.

The wellspring of formative inspirations, grows barren with each passing year it seems.

Still, we’ll always have that sound to stir the memory.

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