Living Proof

It’s true, April had a few momentary troughs.  And a very rain sodden May more than it’s usual grays.  Except to say-my demise greatly exaggerated-I haven’t disappeared into the downy dumps of the usual post show funk.

I mean can anyone feel dour when sitting opposite this daily vision of morning loveliness?  And if my wife Lani seems otherwise occupied, it gets pretty damn exciting when you realize what she is engrossed in.

About which, more details to follow.

What else?

I’ve been silently plotting, quite literally as I begin writing duties on an art book titled Trinity, which will be a collected volume of the three series, Purgatorium, Paradiso’s Fall and the upcoming Infernal, which I am hoping to release in time for the next show I am preparing for in 2021.

And finally, it’s been a long time coming, but you may have noted that my store is now at long last, up and running, and includes a wide selection of original art, signed prints and art catalogues, with more to be added, so keep a keen eye for updates and you know, support living artists.


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