Goddesses and Gods

My first outing since Paradiso Fell (see what I did there?) will be at Lisa Derrick Fine Art Gallery in LA this weekend titled-Goddesses and Gods.

I’ll be trotting out “The Divine and the Divined” which was a piece from my Darkside curated show last year if you remember.

Lisa has been a long time supporter of my work since her tenure as a writer at Cartwheel magazine, and penned a rather splendid article -the only one I recall-about my Man/son show back in 2012, which you can read here.

Anyway, it’s becoming that she hosts her own extravaganza, a few doors down from Greg Escalantes old place, and with a retinue that boasts the following on Midsummers Night , it looks to be Olympian.

June 22nd, 6pm-9m.

Artists: Regina Argentin, Jean-Pierre Boccara, Lili Bernard, Rick Castro, COOP, Aleka Corwin, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Sandra Equihua, Maria Gkinala, Sophía Gasparian, Golgo, Brian Grillo, Stephen Holman, Louis Jacinto, Shaelin Jornigan, Lizz López, Eva Malhotra, Aline Mare, Pres-One, Rosie One, Parris Patton, Eva Polonkai, Kim Seltzer, Melinda R. Smith, James Stanford, Kayla Tange, Rodriel Trammell, David Van Gough, Stefanie Vega, J. Michael Walker


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