Baby Boomer

9″ x 12″-Oil on wood panel

So whats up with that cover then ?

pmsampleframeIt’s actually an update of the original cover painting I did back in ’94, which was taken from a sequence where our hero-Mortimer-references a dream he’s had where all the babies have been born with a congenital absence of eyelids. Its a really short passage, but at the time I think I felt it was symbolic of this internal life, a sensory inflection where the only point of reference is the womb.

I was probably also thinking of that razor meets eyeball scene in Buñuel’s Un Chien Andalou, but here its a surgeons scalpel about to shock the little tot into what amounts to a kind of rebirth.

At the time, Fantaco-the company that originally solicited the series-were so concerned by the image, the editor called me to ask if I could change it to something more “T & A” such were the times then. I wouldn’t, they cancelled the series, and the rest is 25 years of forgotten history.

It’s up and available in my store for purchase along with the 25th Anniversary edition.


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