Look What The Cat Dragged In.

Oil on wood panel

Since I’ve been all consumed by the new series, I hadn’t really planned to be in anymore shows until unveiling Infernal next year.

That was until I was asked by my friend-fellow artist Stephanie Inagaki, to contribute something for an upcoming fundraiser for Luxe Paws, an initiative to help the homeless cat situation in LA.

Also, my moggie Ronin-the Prince of Purrsia, would have never forgiven me had I declined.

Ronin pleads entry to the studio

Ronin pleads entry to the studio

As DaVinci once noted, “the smallest feline is a masterpiece”, and having already featured  my cat  in the piece –“This Thing of Darkness, I Acknowledge Mine” I opted instead to paint this – salvaged from an old ink sketch, which up until now I’d adopted occasionally as a sort of working logo.

I suppose it could be emblematic of the artist’s dark flightiness, or at least his sky fall which I’m calling “Look What the Cat Dragged In”.

Make of that title what you will.

It’ll be showcased virtually at Copro Gallery on June 6th anyway, with a portion of the proceeds in aid of  LA’s forsaken felines. More details as I have them.

As no small aside, I had the distinct honor of including Stephanie’s work when I curated my Tales from the Darkside show in 2018, so go check out her extraordinarily beautiful, and ethereal work for yourself.

Stephanie Inagaki


Stephanie Inagaki “Anamnesis” (2018) drawing 6.5” x 8.5”

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