Death Mask

One could say I’m little late to the game, given that we are almost nine months on since Covid 19 first swung it’s scythe from East to West, before settling permanently like some festering Quatermass, washed up by a dark tide on US shores. In a year so defined by it’s casualties, there strikes me that no better image encapsulates it’s pall than “Triumvirate”-a piece from my Theothanatos series from a decade ago.


Resurrected from my own archival boneyard, the biomorphic trinity of bile tinted skulls, grins wider than Conrad Viet , like some grim, gloating totem of tautology.

Doom wear, sported on this occasion by my lovely wife-Lani, and emblazoned with a symbolic reminder of why wearing masks are so necessary in the first place.A hundred and eighty thousand reasons and counting.

They’re available for $20 a piece from my store along with signed prints of the original.

Triumvirate Face Masks

Triumvirate Signed Prints

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